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Our client is a HUGE star wars fan and even has a custom made Boba Fett full body armor suit! Boba is a fan favorite in Star Wars culture but also an underground mysterious character with ties to Vader and Princess Leia in very unique ways. Our client has a very eclectic taste in fast cars and has a thing for Ultra rare Nissans. This one was shipped from Japan. The 86 Nissan (datsun) Sunny right hand drive is an Ultra rare vehicle to begin with. Our mutal friend AJ put many hours into the mechanics of this one. The rotary engine was rebuilt and upfitted with a turbo kit along with lowering kit, a custom lighting kit and halo headlights. Our tech friend AJ also built in a digital dash with a special screen for Wrap Like a King! The design concept took form from "Slave 1" Bobas spaceship. We wanted to create embossing deeper than we've ever done, so we utilized sandblasting foam along with our designer Taras high resolution design to bevel the edges to give it uniquely realistic chiseled edges. The battle scars and road rash Tara was able to recreate is superbly realistic. We added a thick net on the back to hold Bobas captured prisoner Han Solo frozen in Carbonite (see pic on our IG page https://www.instagram.com/autotrimmers/) and/or the RPG's he is transporting. Film used: 1105 with 1360 matte lam Printed on: Roland VSI640 OEM Inks Extras: BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, ADRENALINE, PURE TALENT, DEDICATION TO OUR CRAFT


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