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Tessellated Tourismo Viper came to life when Drew, the owner of the vehicle (of whom lived 10 hours away from us) reached out to discuss his track racecar project. He was looking for something super unique that would turn heads (or break necks) when he was racing in the Tourismo races...which is what led him to our shop as Wicked Wraps has a reputation for designing wraps with edgy flare. With the only creative direction given of a color palate of “black, gray, white, and red” the Wicked Team came up with this completely uniquely designed wrap that artistically showcased his race sponsors as well as paying homage to the vehicles “Dodge” roots with some “MOPAR” style striping. This wrap utilizes MPI1105EZRS with 1360Z laminate. It also features Avery Gloss Black Supreme Wrapping film as accents throughout (roof, front end, grille inserts, mirrors, etc) as well as some strategically placed Avery Carmine Red accents as well.


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Tourismo Viper
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