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North America - Midwest 


We were looking for something a little out there with Matte Metallic Blaze Orange as the main base color. This late-model S-10 is a "shop truck" in a sense so we were able to play with some fun design elements and really play up the contrast between the smooth gloss finish of the MPI 1105 and 1460z overlaminate, with the matte finish we applied to this printed Supreme Wrap Film Matte Metallic Blaze Orange. The contrasts work really well with the subject matter in each element. The idea is a funky steampunk-style inner workings as you look through the battered and patina'd exterior with its bulky rivets keeping it all together. We added some contrast stitching to the gloss print as well as some atypical racing stripes and portholes in the glass on the rear cap. Altogether this was a fun, funky project to show off some cool material options and some out-of-the-box art. Thanks, Tad


BrainBKT Design & Sign
Greendale, IN

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