Kicklahoma Nerf Mobile // Lettering Express / LE Wraps

North America - Central 


We wrapped this white 2016 Jeep Cherokee to look like the KD 4 "Nerf" shoes. Kicklahoma is a local sneaker retailer here in Oklahoma City, so the design had to perfectly match. We utilized Matte Metallic Brilliant Blue for the color change aspect and MPI 1105 w/ DOL 1360z for the digital side of the design. The LE team killed it on the communication of details, design, production and finally the installation! Shout out to Brett Newman on the design! Justin Lombardi for ensuring the print quality was on point. Big ups to Dimas Brasil and Christopher Hood on the flawless installation. As always the Fellers team for the material. Kicklahoma Nerf Mobile is our 2018 Wrap Like A King entry.


Lettering Express / LE Wraps
Oklahoma City, OK

2016 Jeep Cherokee
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