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The client approached us with a brief to create a marketing tool that was both mobile and static, for the promotion of the “Battle of Brisbane 2”. They presented us with the challenge of fitting out a flat bed tray truck with a mock boxing ring, larger-than-life cut outs of the 2 participating contenders and wrapping the entire structure in the event’s visual marketing collateral. We were of course happy to oblige their request. We used one of our own trucks as the base to build this 3-dimensional marketing creation. In total we used 47m2 of latex printed Avery Dennison MPI 1105 EA RS Supercast G/White with Overlaminate, to complete the project. We constructed the side tray walls and contender cut outs from framed ACM and ensured that all components were secured to the truck to guarantee that nothing would move or pose a safety risk while the truck was in motion. The truck navigated high traffic areas of the CBD promoting the event and creating photo opportunities for fans and onlookers when parked at various locations in the lead up to the event, and eventually was parked inside the venue during the match. The project, of creating an effective visual marketing device, was a great success and incredibly rewarding to be a part of from start to finish.


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